Ställ Länstyrelsen till svars för denna inhumana slakt!


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2014-06-25 21:18

It's bad enough those animals had to be slaughtered like that, but what is the purpose of slaughtering them when they could have just taken them away to some OTHER farm?

What sustainability is there in just killing the sheep? I hate to speak of animals in this context and wish it didn't have to be this way, but punishment by slaughter of a farmer's animals is just an apathetic and inhumane decision from an old and obsolete reality.

It's not like there isn't any other place for the sheep to go, is there? They were just too lazy to do anything else with the farmer's animals, so they just said, "Screw it. He broke the law, he messed up and we're not going to waste time transporting the animals elsewhere, just slaughter them all and be done with it."

I'm literally holding myself back from hurling every single bad word and judgement that I can possibly think of at the ones responsible of this.