After almost 29 years of existence, Fuse has received from the Brussels Regional Administration (Brussel Leefmilieu/ Bruxelles Environnement) the immediate order to play music at a maximum of 95 dB and to close its doors at 2:00 am. It is impossible to open a club under these circumstances, so the club will remain closed from today.


The reason for this decision is the complaints from a neighbor who bought an adjacent house some years ago. Although significant isolation works have been executed, and a compromise has been intensively worked on, this hasn’t solved the issue.


Fuse has introduced an appeal against this decision at the Milieucollege/ Collège d’Environnement, and a decision is expected by January 25th. 


It is very regrettable that an iconic club gathering thousands of music lovers and artists, employing 10 people during the week and 80 employees during the weekend, is put at stake because of one neighbor. It is clear that the closing of Fuse Club and the parties that it hosts also has an impact on the local economy, foreign tourism and Brussels cultural life. 


Sign this petition to reopen this iconic cmub.