Iran will send a tied up monkey into space as an experiment


We want this animalcruelty to stop emmediately!

With our signatures we want to protest against monkeys being sent up to space as experiments. And we expect your government to take action against this experiment. This is the second monkey you are sending as an experiment and it must stop NOW!

We animallovers are millions and millions all over the world and we do not tolerate this kind of experiments with animals I am sure there are better ways to study the effects of space enviroment. We are also aware of that you are planning to send persian cats to space and perhaps other animals as well...

As the pictures show, the monkey is in great pain, confusion, sadness and fear. If a person was tied up in such way for several days, the person would not be comfortable and the body would start hurting after just a little while, probably after just 15 minutes. Would you wish to be tied up in such way for several days, or for only one hour? Animals feel pain too, just as humans. We are also animals. Humans are in fact primates, which also the monkey is. Show your fellow animals respect and dignity and do not treat them in such way as if they did not have emotions or the ability to feel pain and despair.

Animals feel pain, feelings just as we do, so we plead you to stop this cruelty!