Stoppa Polens totala abortförbud!


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2016-04-03 23:13

Get real!! What's with you? Looking for the fastest road to put your country in a medieval disaster? Free abortion is besides from a natural right for women, a foundation for a free and modern country, for equality. It is the single most efficient procedure connected to maternal healgh care - that really saves life.
If you do this, Poland, you suck bad time. You should get kicked out of EU and we welcome your fertile sisters to a country where women are considered autonomous.
For gods sake.... get real... put your boots on and do politics and put this idea where it belongs, in the list of embarrasing ideas that best be forgotten so people after you dont' laugh at you, spit on you or curse you.
Women give birth to all of you. A man puts a sperm in a woman an can then be gone. It is SUN CLEAR her right to decide when a fetus should grow into a baby.