Ställ Länstyrelsen till svars för denna inhumana slakt!


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2014-11-13 16:56


2014-11-13 17:53


Because thou shall not kill. The brutality needs to stop. We loose our humanity when we loose our compassion. We are slaughtering 70-150 billion animals a year. For what? Because they taste good, because we can, for trinkets? If you think of animals as yours to eat, to entertain you, to clothe you, for sports, or use in any way other than their right to life - watch this. I hope it changes your mind. 

Ironically this senseless slaughter connected to the consumption of meat and dairy leads directly the demise of our own species. Learn more how food choice and eating animals fuels climate change, environmental degradation, loss of habitat, resource depletion (I.E. water, energy, land) and our own health.