BRING HIM TO SWEDEN, here is a deal. We are many fans that live in

Sweden and we would love HIM to come over here

and make a gig. On my HIM fans pag, called H.I.M.

Addicted, there are also many people from Norway,

Danmark & even from other countries, that would

love to see HIM live. My H.I.M. Addicted, fan page,

has today 1435 members. Here is the link to my fan

page and it´s

growing every single day. Beside that, I have account

on Twitter as Gothica Depp Valo (my nickname) and

all my posts are about promoting HIM, that was a

reason for me to oppen that account. Even on my own

wall on FB is

everything about promoting HIM and to spread this

love for their music & lyrics. I am very active even on

Heartagram Sweden - Official Street Team, here is

the link It would be awesome if you guys would check out the

page I dedicated to you H.I.M. Addicted. Our love will never die, neither our support for such a great band as HIM.

Many years without you and your fantastic music & lyrics, are behind us, so I hope that you know how exciting it is

for us to know that new album is on it´s way and I am not the only one who ordered whole packet from Metal Hammer.

I hope that this petition will help us fans to bring HIM to Sweden and I also hope that HIM will realize how much they

mean to us. Heartagram Hugs & Razorblade Kisses with hope to see you this year in Sweden.