A Petition for changing the bus cycle's at Telegrafberget

To whom it may concern/ SL Company,

In the name of " Telegrafvägen 6/8/10/12 , Saltsjö-Boo front water and Telegrafberget" residents we would like to share our problem. Now we are around 400 families, most of us work and have to get out of our houses around 04:40 AM to walk in the early mornings to 'Skarpövägen bus station" to go to" Slussen", " Lidingö" and "Orminge centrum" so we can reach our jobs which starts at 06:00 AM. The other problem is coming back home unfortunately, most of times if we are late one minute we need to wait one hour or walk 20 minutes to reach our home it is really hard to walk after hard working day and waking up from 04:00 AM to reach our flats at least at 18:00 and more according to the bus number 416 to "Telegrafberget". We would be grateful if you set busses numbers 417 and 496 to Telegrafberget at night as well as if we can have bus in the early morning to sulssen directly from Telegrafberget.
Not forgetting to mention that even on weekends we need busses earlier because some of us working on Saturdays so it is not ok to start busses cycle before 10:00 AM.
Regarding to the mentioned suffering we suggest to start the busses cycle on working days from 04:45 AM so we can follow our other busses to work as well as the boat ferry "Telegrafberget" at least each 15 minutes switching between bus and the boat if it is possible we need in the early mornings and in evenings to intensified or increasing the traffic with both ways switching each 15 minutes between busses and boats so most of us will not suffering and feel that we are in somehow isolated. As well as boat number 80 comes to Nacka strand each 15 minuets may add more stop at Telegrafverket station
It would be a good thing.
We really appreciate your efforts and hope that you will consider our petition and suggestions.
Waiting your support,
Telegrafvägen , Saltsjö-Boo Residents:



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