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Woman B came to Sweden in 2002 from Iraq. She came to marry a man she liked. To begin with, the marriage was happy but it got worse and worse. After two years, the man chose to differ from B. She then applied for a residence permit in Sweden. But she was turned down. The two-year rule that is often practiced beats extra hard on women and their right to asylum and to be recognized and changed. Some men in Sweden use their women by the rule and the emergence of a genuine human trafficking situation. They are trading their partners when it suits, and with authorities’ good memory back women or ensuring that they will be deported to an unknown fate. Other men dump the wife of the former homeland and take the pass away from them. And is not infrequently a new wife who is also utilized.
B appealed several times and stayed in Sweden. She worked, went to school and managed to build a functional life. For about three years ago she met a new man. They fell in love and B became pregnant. When B was in the eighth month, the police came to the apartment where she last was written and announced that she will now be deported from Sweden. B squatted and gave birth in Sweden. A son, Artin, who is now a year old.
In February 2012, she was able to re-apply for asylum and 31 May, she again refused, she would be deported to their homeland. In his native country awaits the family and want to punish her. She is considered to have brought shame to the family in that she is both separate and in addition has given birth to a child out of wedlock by an extramarital relationship. The women living in shelters in Iraq has been very difficult circumstances. The stay in the shelter can almost be treated as an unofficial jail because they cannot move freely outside the shelter. Recently, some women because of the threat had been forced to voluntarily go to an ordinary prison for protection when the protected Lodging cannot guarantee protection against death threats.
The potting society has little sympathy for women who give birth outside marriage and many women sit still in prison for extramarital relations, which equated with prostitution (in the case of the woman, the man is usually free) Do they also orphans, their ability to self-sufficiency very small as there is no childcare and women's ability to work is still largely depends on the man's or society's good will. Single women with children outside of marriage is seen as bad women = sluts. The child can attend school but may be difficult when the rumor mill is a major problem in Iraqi society. The mother may also be forced to leave the child to an orphanage
According to the Immigration Service, there are shelters for women in Iraq, but this is more akin to prisons (see above). There are statistics from organizations that are working against honor violence and honor killings in Iraq and it is indisputable that you should take the threats of murder and violence seriously. According to women's organizations in place, honor killings nearly the only appropriate when it comes to gender-based murder. If B and Artin deported to Iraq will Artins daddy never be able to see her son. The man could he also be punished by a woman famij if he returns, and even his son could be killed by her family and relatives. B will be forever forced to live in hiding for her to remain in the country and want to maintain life.
We want Sweden to follow the UN Convention and provides Artin right to both parents.

UN Convention on the Rights

  • Article 22: Children on the run who come alone or with parents are entitled to protection and assistance
  •  Article 2: All children of equal value and non-discrimination
  • Article 3: The child's best interests a primary consideration in decisions affecting children
  •  Article 6: The child's right to life and development
  •  Article 12: Right to influence

B should not have to live hidden at the risk of being killed because she did something that should be every woman's right - to fall in love and having a baby. This required statements and positive action in support of honor killings threatened people in Sweden by Foreign Minister, Minister for Equality, Integration Minister, Minister of Justice
B has not worked politically and therefore cannot rely on this as it as a reason to get asylum in Sweden. Her action is only a political position is not accepted in her own country - I have the right to separate me and have children without being married. It is the religious law, Sharia law, which represents family law in her home country. That is, religion is political and enshrined in the Constitution. We are working for women's rights and the right to asylum in Sweden requires that the asylum claim higher status and treated as political reasons, when the harassment is happening is gender based and there are clear descriptions of the UN conventions on harassment based on gender and more. B should be able to receive asylum on the same basis as those who have been politically active.

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