NOC As a Service

NOC As a Service


The Importance of NOC as a Service for Every Business

Networks can be expensive to maintain, but they are a necessity to keep up with different aspects of business. Regardless of the size of a company, outsourcing to a NOC can help to ensure their networks are being monitored, analyzed, secured, and measured properly. They can also assist with supporting micro-services, running business applications more efficiently, and general management of the network.

Outsourcing your NOC can help to free up a lot of valuable internal resources that, otherwise, would have to devote efforts to monitoring your network. This can help to optimize your processes and workflow issues by coming up with strategic initiatives with their freed-up time. Not to mention, it will help to reduce your overall operational costs, overall.

What Do NOC Services Help Companies Achieve?

There are several services that a Network Operations Center NOC can help to provide a company. Each one is important to ensuring the optimization of any network, and they have the experts to ensure that it will be monitored and maintained, correctly. ExterNetworks understands the need for their services, and they are devoted to making sure that their technicians and engineers can handle any sort of crisis that might come up within a network system. Here are a few explanations for the services that come with outsourcing to an experienced NOC, like ExterNetworks.

1. 24x7x365 Performance Monitoring

An outsourcing NOC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that the performance of your network will always be monitored to ensure that all devices on your network are healthy and functioning properly and at their optimum performance levels.

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