Låt blinda kattungen Kelly få leva


/ #20 Kelly the lovely little kitten who should be saved‚Ķ..ūüźĺūüźĺ

2021-07-20 14:37

Do you euthanize your blind dogs? Do you euthanize your fellow humans? Probably not, than why euthanize a little blind kitten who can have a long healthy life, it should not matter if it can see or not, there are thousands that cats and dogs around the world that were born blind, with actual eyeballs and many without the actual eyeballs, blinded due to disease, accidents, or from cruelty by humans… there are humans and animals that get cancer in their eyes, we do not euthanize them we try our best to help them by either chemotherapy or if severe enough remove the eyes themselves. Animals like humans can adjust to their surroundings and have long healthy lives. You do not euthanize a human just because they are blind as they too are a they are human and that would be cruel. It is even shown in the video that it this a very happy little life and is thriving, it is also noted that she had her eyes removed due to infection, she was going to be picked up by her new forever family who wanted to adopt her, give this kitten a chance to live her life with the forever family that were to adopt her before you stepped in and wrongly took her away from them. You are in the wrong for taking this sweet kitten and even considering killing her just because she is blind that was caused by a infection, again you would not do this to a human.