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There is NO reason or excuse to kill this anima! Your "support" for killing blind cats is bogus.



How can you even consider murdering this kitten? Lots of blind cats live very fulfilling lives! You don’t murder blind human children, do you? Please, let the family adopt the kitten!



Please do not murder this kitten. You don’t murder blind human children, do you? Your papers and ideas are antiquated. Let the family adopt the kitten. Blind cats love and deserve love just like seeing cats. Please!



I had a blind cat who lived for 16 years. It took her no time to find her food and litter box and the ways of the house. She was kept indoors only all of her life and played with her toys just like any other cat. She was great at finding all the sunny spots for her naps. Beind blind means their other senses are well developed and very keen. She learned some words and when to meow for treats. Please allow Kelly to live a full life with her new family.

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<3 prayers for her



<3 🐈 Life & love for Kelly 



Bullshit !! THIS KITTEN IS HEALTHY!! AND JUST LIKE A CHILD BORN BLIND, ANIMALS ADJUSTS WITH LOVE AND CARE FROM A FAMILY WHO CARES !! Only an evil demonic being would order the murder if a defenseless blind kitten! You are evil and demonic if you allow this to happen and I hope you pay when your time comes and you will answer for this murder !!!



Please do not euthanize Kelly! She has adapted perfectly to her blindness and has absolutely no problems. She's very social, loving, playful and has a family that is planning on adopting her and give her a forever home!! How can you take away her life just because she's blind??



This vet that made the decision is ignorant and heartless. They should not be practicing on any animal. These kittens adapt very well and are happy playful little sweethearts. I hope this decision is reversed



Please, please let Kelly live! She will have great quality of life and will adapt to her condition. Thank you for your consideration. Zoe Sessler Trabuco Canyon, California, USA



Please, please let Kelly live! She will have great quality of life and will adapt to her condition. Thank you for your consideration. Zoe Sessler Trabuco Canyon, California, USA



Nu när Kelly läker och återhämtar sej så bra tycker jag myndigheternas beslut är helt absurda ...Klart att Kelly ska få leva ett helt liv!!!!//Marie Forsgren



If they tried to do that to my cat, they would have a physical fight on their hands. My cat became blind as a 1 month old kitten, and at 2 yrs old now can confidently say that she adapted perfectly well. So what if she can not see an annoyed tell flick, she can still hear, smell, taste, and sense her surroundings and other animals. She had no problems moving between 2 homes, just do not suddenly move furniture around without “showing” her.



How dare you put down a healthy kitten who is blind.You don't put down a healthy child that is blind.And whoever reported this has to be an evil person who doesn't like animals!!! SAVE THIS KITTEN WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE!!! ALL ANIMALS HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE AND YOUR NOT GOD TO SAY WHO LIVES OR DIES!!!!



please  save this precious baby she deserves a beautiful life.



Kelly is a blind kitten who has a home waiting for her. This home has been adapted to her needs. There are several films on Kelly that show that her blindness is not an obstacle to a happy life. Despite this, the county administrative board has picked her up because they decided on killing. This decision is only about prestige for them. This is not the first time they have made decisions on the wrong grounds. How many animals will have to die for the county administrative board to put prestige before empathy and the will to understand? Kelly är en blind kattunge som har ett hem som väntar på henne. Detta hem har anpassats efter hennes behov. Det finns flera filmer på Kelly som visar att hennes blindhet inte är något hinder för ett lyckligt liv. Trots detta har länsstyrelsen hämtat henne eftersom de beslutat om avlivning. Detta beslut handlar enbart om prestige för deras del. Det är inte första gången de fattat beslut på fel grunder. Hur många djur ska behöva dö för att länsstyrelsen sätter prestige före empati och vilja till förståelse?

#17 Blinda Kelly

Ja, det är horribelt hur myndigheter får bete sig så grymt och faktiskt ansvarslöst!!


Om det handlat om en sjuk katt, men.. Det handlar om en liten katt som kan leva 20 lyckliga år, om hon bara får chansen!!


Myndigheten ser bara problem när det finns så oändligt mycket positivt!

 * ett kärleksfullt hem

* ett anpassat hem

* leksaker

* sällskap


* lek

* kel

* trygghet osv. 


Kelly har ett kärleksfullt hem som bryr sig om henne och som vill ha henne tillbaka!! 


Katter är ett av de mest anpassningsbara djur som finns!! Kelly kommer lära sig leva med sitt handikapp!! Hon kommer att lära sig var hon kan hoppa upp på möbler, fönsterbrädan osv!! De "ser" med sina morrhår också. 

Om bara myndigheten kan inse detta!! Det skulle betyda så mkt för många djur och deras ägare!

Ber för och tänker på Kelly och hennes familj!!



Juanita Robinson



This is barbaric and animal cruelty. I thought Sweden was a modern country. Obviously it is still in the dark ages!


#20 Kelly the lovely little kitten who should be saved…..🐾🐾

Do you euthanize your blind dogs? Do you euthanize your fellow humans? Probably not, than why euthanize a little blind kitten who can have a long healthy life, it should not matter if it can see or not, there are thousands that cats and dogs around the world that were born blind, with actual eyeballs and many without the actual eyeballs, blinded due to disease, accidents, or from cruelty by humans… there are humans and animals that get cancer in their eyes, we do not euthanize them we try our best to help them by either chemotherapy or if severe enough remove the eyes themselves. Animals like humans can adjust to their surroundings and have long healthy lives. You do not euthanize a human just because they are blind as they too are a they are human and that would be cruel. It is even shown in the video that it this a very happy little life and is thriving, it is also noted that she had her eyes removed due to infection, she was going to be picked up by her new forever family who wanted to adopt her, give this kitten a chance to live her life with the forever family that were to adopt her before you stepped in and wrongly took her away from them. You are in the wrong for taking this sweet kitten and even considering killing her just because she is blind that was caused by a infection, again you would not do this to a human.



Whoever wrote that statement does not possess any scientific knowledge of cats' behaviour WHATSOEVER! I strongly doubt this "person" is a veterinarian. This is made-up stuff by someone who has never dealt with a real animal in his/her life. To say that a blind cat does not create bonds with his human guardian is like saying that a blind child does not recognise his mother. This is the most ignorant, uneducated statement I have ever read. This "veterinarian" has got problems relating to others and his projecting them on to a blind kitten. Shame on those following the advice of someone who is clearly mentally unstable, therefore unqualified to make such an assessment. This should be made instead by a registered animal behaviourist with an extensive experience of work with pets with disabilities. No court should seriously consider this amateur opinion by someone at SCAW. SCAW is also a paradox in a country with no animal rights recognition and with an Animal Welfare Act that is obsolete, immoral and unlawful. - Rosie Trenta (Editor-in-Chief at CanisTrigger Publishing and Animal Rights Advocate) rosie.trenta@canistriggerpublishing.com


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Carole Stevens



Blind animals adapt very well and can go on to live happy lives. To suggest euthanasia is nothing less than cruel and archaic thinking!
Tuovi Sjölund

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#17: Djurvän - Blinda Kelly 


Har haft handikappade katter tidigare och dom är väldigt kärleksfulla och fina


Låt lilla Kelly få leva till hon dör som en gammal och nöjd kattfröken. 

Ber också för lilla Kissen och hennes familj.