Silver Fang - mangan till svenska/Ginga - the manga to English


#1 subjekti

2011-04-29 03:16

As a finnish I wonder if to help or not `cause swedish Ginga fans have been so "nice" to us always.
Linnéa -Tora-

#2 Re: subjekti

2011-05-10 18:48

#1: nickname - subjekti

Cuz to make this wonderful manga be translated and get more fans to it. ^^



2011-05-12 17:23

Finns de´n inte redan på svenska?


2011-05-12 17:24

1986 ?
Linnéa -Tora-

#5 Re:

2011-05-13 23:48

#3: 70bb3 -

Nej, bara på Japanska, Koreanska, Kinesiska och nu Finska.

Linnéa -Tora-

#6 Re:

2011-05-13 23:49

#4: 70bb3 -

Tror du tänker på animén. Jo den finns på svenska. Men vi vill ha mangan, orginalet där storyn kommer ifrån. Där finns det saker som inte finns i animén.



2011-05-18 18:06

Although I'm a Finn and happilly reading Ginga in Finnish already, I wanna help all Sweden's Ginga fans to get this "Nordics own series" to their language too! ^__^
Krista Järvinen

#8 Vi MÅSTE få Silver Fang på SVENSKA!!

2011-09-25 18:09



2012-02-16 05:19

If it's translated to Swedish, then I can read it although I'm Danish, but at least it's better than japanese



2012-07-10 00:28

let´s pray that they translate the manga to swedish and start selling. it would be a dream that comes true :)


#11 Ja hoppas det

2012-07-10 00:28


#12 Re:

2012-07-10 00:29

#9: - ja hoppas det



#13 Re:

2012-07-10 00:31

#7: - let´s pray then... i am hopefull that one day we all Ginga nagareboshi gin/ densetsu weed fans can read this manga in swedish or english,the manga we love



#14 Re:

2012-07-10 00:31

#3: 70bb3 - nej inte mangan




2012-07-10 00:35

I got one question to you who read on finnish, do you guys have all volumes of GNG and GDW or just GNG?


#16 Re: Re:

2012-07-10 02:09

#6: Linnéa -Tora- - Re: mm sant som t.ex wolf arc, eller handlingar som händer efter att hougen dör på GDW




2012-08-04 01:19

I love the Japanese mangas, and have spent a lot of money collecting them.
I support the Finnish translation and buy their mangas as well.
I support ALL of this ;D

I'm from the UK and would love it to be translated into English, but I also support Sweden all the way too. The translation of this manga into any language is a success. (:



2012-08-04 20:33

Please sign in this petition, those manga created by Yoshihiro Takahashi needs more love and translations.



2012-08-04 23:48

There are more American Ginga fans than one first thinks. I think it would have moderate success in America.


2012-08-05 00:40

Even if i'm a finn i signed, because i want the fans to be able to read the series even if they aren't finns ;)



2012-08-06 01:40

I have been a Ginga fan for 10 years, to see the manga translated into english would be fantastic! It has gain so much popularity in Finland, if it were translated in english I believe it draw fans of all ages.

#22 Re: subjekti

2012-08-06 10:32

#1: nickname - subjekti

I don't know what are you talking about. Two swedish ginga fans I know are one of the greatest persons ever. You shouldn't blame all of them because few people.



2012-09-28 03:05

i love GNG im iv been a fan for long time, i hope the manga gets translated in swedish,english and other language's



2012-11-11 11:11

I would prefere an English version,
but Swedish is way better than nothing.



2013-06-12 16:26

Du har helt rätt! Jag tycker också att dom borde dubba GNG/Silver Fang mangan på svenska, norska och danska mm.

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