Låt blinda kattungen Kelly få leva

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Let the blind kitten Kelly live

2021-07-18 20:20:12

The County Administrative Boards in each region is responsible for upholding animal protection. This Board in the Swedish region of Kalmar has the day before yesterday made the decision to seize and decide to euthanize a healthy blind kitten, Kelly, based on a "scientific" standpoint written by a veterinarian at The Swedisch Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW) that more or less states that being blind is an animal protection issue and that thus a blind cat should be euthanized for its own good. The following statements are made (please read the full text from SCAW here LÄNK), please note that this is a summary of SCAW's text , not the wording in their paper.
"It is difficult for cats to adjust to blindness but those that do are rather cats that became blind as adults,  than those who get blind as kittens. 

Kittens that become blind suffer are likely to suffer more than adults, because they are not able to express their natural behavior (play, hunt, climb) and also will have difficulties  communicating with others. They can not learn by watching other cats, how to be social with other animals and it is difficult for them to bond with humans.Thus the psychological suffering is serious and a blind kitten is very unlikely to get a life with an acceptable life quality". 

This paper is the foundation in the case against Kelly. The veterinarias who wrote it never met Kelly or even saw a video clip with her. Also she wrote the paper as input regarding the question from the County Administrative Board on whether it was medically/ethically sound to perform the surgery. Now the county is using it as a reason to euthanize Kelly several weeks after surgery, when she has recovered and is obviously doing excellently (see video clips LÄNK).

Kelly was seized yesterday from the vet clinic where she got surgery and rehab and was waiting for her forever family whom was to come and meet her the next day. The case is very urgent since the court very shortly (her case must be filed on the 21st of July at the latest) will decide whether the Board's decision of eutanazia vill stand or not. 

Little Kelly is a very adaptable, social, playful and curious kitten as you can see in the video clips (LÄNK). She was found with eyes in a horrible condition from mycoplasma/calici. It looked awful but she was strangely enough not affected by it. She was playing, eating and socializing. The animal hospital where she was taken was were willing to perform surgery but couldn't since they were fully booked. She got surgery at another clinic where a veterinarians with 33 years of practice performed it. Kelly  had her eyes removed. She recovered very well. It is now more than 3 weeks after surgery and this happy little kitten is ready to start her life, not end it.

People are adding their signature to support Kelly's right to live. Thank you for choosing to do so too!

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