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Petition is closed – make your voice heard directly to German top politicians and your member of European Parliament

2016-01-20 19:49:35

Thank you for being among 1.550 concerned citizens of Europe who signed this important petition during 2015.

The ngo-network “Back on Track” will hand over the signatures to the European Commission.

Honestly this is a frustrating situation for friends of European passenger railways. Despite the momentum which came at COP21 in December, the ink from the signatures by political leaders in Paris was not dry before the major provider of Night Trains in Europe Deutsche Bahn (DB) declared a complete and fast closure of their network of Night Trains and Auto Trains.

The picture is clear: Only political will and pressure can save European cross border rail passenger traffic. Night trains are the first step – other international lines in the network will die as well. National railway operators alone will not take care of an international railway network in Europe. Only profitable and isolated lines will be continued. Airline traffic and busses will prevail.

We urge you to take a look at the Back on Track appeal and spread it in you network and write e-mails to the two mentioned German politicians and to your MEP.

On behalf of Back on Track

Poul Kattler

Council for Sustainable Traffic, Denmark

Poul Kattler

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