SAVE SWEDEN from the COVID19 Experiment

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In Sweden, we have unwittingly become part of a herd immunity experiment, that we have not given our written consent to.
Most other countries are locking down, opening up slowly, encouraging mask use, tracing and isolating. They are being cautious until they have more facts about this serious pandemic is spread asymptotically.
Meanwhile, in Sweden, old people are left ill in care homes, without even seeing a doctor. The law has not been followed: doctors have not tested for contagious diseases of their sick patients.Swedes have been refused testing until they were admitted to hospital(until the end of June). Children (with confirmed Covid19, in the family) are told to go to school as normal, putting the lives of teachers and pupils at risk (even though Covid19 is contagious 2 days before the onset of symptoms). Swedes are told not to wear masks, even though there is mounting evidence that Covid19 is spread through aerosol transmission and masks can prevent the spread. Gatherings of 50+ are banned, but schools must remain open, where hundreds gather in small confined spaces, with no protection or distancing recommendations.  
Our report looks at a number of aspects of how this policy is affecting the Swedish population.
We are not epidiomologists and understand that this strategy may take years to assess properly. However, in the meantime, thousands of people have died, unnecessarily.  Many dead are old and vulnerable, Sweden is a country where age discrimination is illegal. Many more thousands are suffering long term complications of Covid19.
Sweden has the 5th highest death rate in the world and a 1000% higher mortality rate than our Norwegian neighbour, with similar demographics.
We ask for your help to investigate and put pressure on the Swedish Government to be more cautious with the lives of the Swedish population. Saving lives should come first, we should have a policy more similar to our Scandinavian neighbours. We need to change policy NOW! Help to SAVE SWEDEN, please! 
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