Save Norrbotten NEO

(3)_Norrbotten_NEO_foto_Marie_Lundgren.jpgThe chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO is under threat. If nothing is done, it will cease to exist at the turn of the year. The chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO has played a pivotal role in the realm of contemporary art music in Sweden since its establishment in 2007. NEO has also been an important part of Swedish Radio's offerings, especially within the EBU network. Furthermore, the ensemble has meant a great deal for composition education throughout Sweden.

The most significant impact the ensemble has had is as a research and development hub for the contemporary art music scene in Sweden. The ensemble has provided countless Swedish composers the opportunity to present their works at the highest artistic level and has also highlighted the best of international contemporary art music. This has broadened the perspectives on Swedish art music.

We urge the political leadership at the municipal, regional, and national levels to promptly find a constructive solution for the continued existence of Norrbotten NEO. This should be done in close dialogue with the Swedish Arts Council.