Let Mike stay in Sweden!

Mike Rice is living in Sweden since August 2010 but Swedish Migration agency/Migrationsverket don´t think so. After Brexit he applied to stay in Sweden with his wife as he has done since 2010 but must now leave Sweden before end of March 2022 since Migrationsverket don´t believe he is living here. When he goes back to England he is homeless! His home is here in Sweden. He is married to Mona Pfaus since October 2011 and living with her in their house they bought together April 2011. Mike is also an instuctor in a Karate club since Jannuary 2011. He is in the club about 4-5 times a week since he moved over from England in August 2010. He goes to England 2-3 times a year to visit children, grandchildren and friends but he has not home there.

And now Swedish Migration Agency/Migrationsverket want to send him out from Sweden and leave his wife alone here. After 30 years working as a Police Officer and decided to move to Sweden 12 years ago, he is not allowed to stay here any more. He is retired, 67 years old in September and will soon be homeless.

If you know Mike Rice and you know he is living in Sweden, is married, bought a house with his wife and has his life here, please sign this with your name. This list will be sent in to Migrationsverket as a proof that he lives here. And it has to be done a.s.a.p. before March 20, 2022. Thanks!monamike1.jpg

Mona Pfaus, wife to Mike Rice.    Kontakta namninsamlingens skapare

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Genom att underteckna godkänner jag att Mona Pfaus, wife to Mike Rice. lämnar över informationen som jag tillhandahåller i det här formuläret till dem som bestämmer i frågan.

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