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2021-09-22 09:02

Det her er mitt svar på Engelsk mvh Martin Grandaunet Kiropraktor: Why the Coovid-19 vaccines presents a higher threat to public health, than the virus itself, and why their continued use is a criminal act. “A vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a virus so deadly you have to take a test to know if you have it.”- Since their introduction onto the market worldwide the Sars2-Covid-19 vaccines have proven without any doubt to be an affront and abomination to medicine, public health and the medical profession. I will prove without any reasonable doubt that these so called “vaccines” poses a much bigger threat to public health than the original virus itself. The First line in the Hippocratic Oath is: First do no harm. To All healthcare providers and practitioners doctors, nurses, etc you have a responsibility, you have taken an oath; your Hippocratic Oath ;which you have sworn on, the first thing you promised was: First do no harm. Any healthcare provider or practitioner who administer or help facilitate one of the Sars-Covid-19 vaccines after reading or listening to this is a therefore to be considered a criminal, a poisioner, and can be charged with crimes against humanity on the same ranks as someone who worked in the concentration camps during world war two, was charged at Nuremberg trials after the war. Saying “I was only following orders or I did not look into the side effects of these drugs,” will not be nothing more than a pathetic excuse. Normally we say one vaccine one side effect, but these experimental injections used to mitigate the Coronavirus-19 pandemic have proven to have several different types of side effects and injuries. Let me explain briefly: Besides DEATH which is a well documented “adverse reaction”. Here are some other mechanisms of injury these “vaccines” causes: 1. They cause vascular damage, the spike protein these “vaccines” are built upon causes rips through the endothelial lining of the blood vessles. This causes things like bleeding, from irregular menstrual periods seen in women, haematomas, to more serious Cardiovascular disorders, such as myocarditis and periarditis, this leads in the worst case to heart failure. 2. Neurological damage: The spike proteins move through the human body if and when they cross the blood brain barrier they start causing neurological problems, things like simple shakings, to rapid advanced Alzheimers disease to the worst case scenario of Mad Cow disease or Kreutzfeld Jacobs disease. 3. Anaphylactic shocks: These are often the people that die or get hospitalised very shortly (within 24-48 hours) after the injection has been administrated. There are a couple of highly suspect and unethical practices regarding this. PEG (Polyethanyl-Glycol/Polyethanul-Sorbate) are in all of the injections. The administrators of the injections often do not have the patient’s medical records when administering the shots, and many of the participants in the human clinincal trial do not know that they have an allergy to this substance. The doses administered have not been adjusted for the participants height,weight, gender or age, this is of course wrong. 4. Autoimmune disorders: The sars2covid-19 injections causes the body attack its own immune system causing Autoimmune reactions. And there are many more mechanisms of injury, but I will stop here My point has been proven. I will provide the medical literature that backs up my statement. A medication that causes more harm than benefit is totally worthless, and I will ask all medical professionals after reading or listening to this, stop administering Sars2-Covid19 injections immediately, let them die in the storage rooms and fridges and let us get on with life. Sincerely Chiropractor Martin Grandaunet 1. Johns Hopkins scientist: “A medical certainty” Pfizer vaccine caused death of Florida doctor (January 3, 2021) 2. Sara Stickles: 28-year-old has brain aneurysm, dead five days after second Pfizer mRNA shot (February 12, 2021) 3. 01/04/21, Iceland: 3 deaths after receiving Covid19 vaccine in Iceland 4. 01/05/21, Mexico: 32-year-old Mexican doctor suffers seizures and is paralyzed after receiving the Pfizer experimental vaccine 5. 01/06/21, Norway: Norway investigating death of two people who received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. 6. 01/08/21, Norway: 82-year-old resident at Sola nursing home dies one day after being vaccinated against COVID-19 7. 01/14/21, USA: Woman suffers whole body convulsions after taking experimental Moderna COVID-19 vaccin 8. 01/15/21, Germany: Paul Ehrlich Institute: 7 people have died in connection with vaccination as of 9. 01/16/21, Norway: Scandal in Norway’s nursing homes: 23 deaths after Covid vaccinations 10. FDA investigates allergic reactions to Pfizer COVID vaccine after more healthcare workers hospitalized (December 21, 2020) 11. Professor and molecular genetics expert Dolores Cahill expects autoimmune reactions to result from the mRNA injections “months later,” stating that “this gene therapy...is setting up an autoimmune disease chronically.” 12. Are we on the verge of a “super-epidemic” of autoimmune diseases? (February 19, 2021) 13. Eight unborn babies dead soon after their mothers received COVID-19 vaccine (as of January 22, 2021) 14. Sara Beltrán Ponce: Wisconsin resident doctor has miscarriage days after COVID “vaccine” (February 7, 2021) 15. Metro healthcare worker describes severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine (January 14, 2021) 16. Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease.

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