Stöd SVT:s sändning av dokumentär om Ukraina


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2016-04-28 13:51

You may love or hate Russia/Ukraine/EU/USA... This petition has nothing to do with that. It's about defending fundamental freedom our civilization earned the hard and bloody way - freedom of speech, freedom of knowledge, of information.
Banning a movie because it's politically embarrassing, because external pressure is applied, is a precedent that will lead us by small but sure step to totalitarian jungle. Remember "First they came for Communists, I wasn't one so I kept quiet, second time they came for trade unions, I wasn't a member so I kept quiet, then they came for Jews - I wasn't one so I was quiet....THEN THEY CAME FOR ME BUT THERE WASN'T ANYONE TO SPEAK UP FOR ME". Remember this lesson from our dark past. Speak up. Next time around it might be your plea for help, your demand of justice that will fall on deaf ears.