Change the legal grounds of permanent residency for doctoral students and other researchers in Sweden



As a PhD student, I have many colleges from outside of Europe and I see the great contribution that they provide to Swedish research and I would hate for that potential to be lost due to these new rules.

Johanna Hjalte (Lund, )


PhDs deserve residency more than the immigrants who don't contribute towards country's economy.

Saima Rehman (Lund, )


I do not agree with the new regulations. One of the reasons I applied for a PhD position in Sweden was the possibility to get a PR after my studies. The rules have changed 3 years after I joined a PhD program. It is not fair to apply a new regulation in a retroactive way.

Luis Fernando Irgang dos Santos (Halmstad, )


det är rätt och viktigt för att Sverige kan blir ett hem och et plats för att forska för alla.

Malin Lüking (Uppsala, )


I am a Ph.D. student of Uppsala University, and I consider being in Sweden for 5 years, learning the language, and trying to adapt to this environment (also giving my workforce to this country) and after all just be kicked away is not fair. It hits very much the stability of a person that wants to become a scientist.

Ana Maria Gomez Londono (Uppsala, )


Everyone deserves security and safety. Many moved to Sweden to find it. No one should take it away.

Paulina Rajkowska (Uppsala, )


My husband is a PhD student, we applied for permanent residence on May 14th and still awaiting decision.

Sharulatha Ravisankar (Solna, )