Change the legal grounds of permanent residency for doctoral students and other researchers in Sweden



I agree. This affects the swedish society. It's like shooting oneself in the foot. These policies sound arbitrary.

Leslie Solorzano (Uppsala, )


Having a permanent residency was one of the key things that made me choose sweden to do my PhD. This decision reuins my plans and puts a lot of anxiety and uncertainty on my future.

Mohammed Alqedra (Lund, )


Detta skulle sannolikt drabba både befintliga och kommande kollegor. Helt galet

Joel Höglund (Kista, )


The new laws create the risk of talent drain from Sweden in the field of research.

Siddharth Sahu (Uppsala, )


Vi måste bålla spetskompetensen inom landet. Att utbilda doktorer för att sedan tvinga dom att lämna landet är ett enormt slöseri av samhällets resurser. Vi borde göra allt vi kan för att beålla dessa välutbildade människor.

Anneli Ågren (Umeå, )


I am starting working as a researcher in Sweden and I know a lot of colleagues and friends in Swedish universities dealing with this problem. It is a very unfair law affecting lots of researchers' life and Swedish Academia.

Shima Rajabali (Zurich, )


Viktigt stå fast vid det som framfördes i forskningspropositionen (Forskning, frihet, framtid–kunskap och innovation för Sverige, prop. 2020/21:60, s. 123).
Nationellt vansinne det här, näringslivet skadas. Utöver berörda individer.

Claes Tullbrink (Tumba, )


jag skriver under på grund av att göra en stor del av forskningskompetensen kommer inte att kunna fortsätta arbeta i Sverige

Nawar Kadi (Borås, )


I think that Sweden needs fair and reasonable migration rules that do not lead to a brain drain.

Lars L. Nordén (Stockholm, )


We need to change the law.

Anne Herholdt (Lund, )


To support the petition against the PR requirements for PhD students

Jil Sutaria (Skellefteå, )


As a doctoral student I feel that the changes are unreasonable. The situation for doctoral students are exactly as the petition describes. For all the effort we put into our research and teaching, as well as the amount of resources spent by Sweden, it should not be made more difficult for us to obtain permanent residence here.

Ratchawit Janewithayapun (Göteborg, )


After studying in different countries within the EU, I found that the migration process for permanent residency in Sweden has become very difficult, specially at the point where Ph.D. students are stressed the most, which is close to the completition of their/our studies. As students, we receive the benefits from the country, benefits coming from the tax-payment of many residents, with this new law, highly-skilled researchers will find a suitable opportunity even outside of the EU, burning the money invested for the economy progress and development of Sweden on the long run.

Roger Argaez Ramirez (Gothenburg, )