Initiativ för att erkänna makedonska körkort i Sverige/ Иницијатива за признавање на македонските возачки дозволи во Шведска



I am track driver

(Negotino, 2018-12-06)


My friend lives there

(Kumanovo, 2018-12-06)


I would like our driving liecence to be aproved in Sweeden

(Stip, 2018-12-06)


Priznavanje na MK vozacki

(London , 2018-12-06)


Toa bi bilo najdobroto

(Skopje, 2018-12-07)



(Kavadarci, 2018-12-07)


podrska za nasite vo Svedska

(Dorfen, 2018-12-07)


We need ,,

(Skopje, 2018-12-07)


Becouse i am driver and i dont wont to have problem with Police when i Will travel around

(Skopje, 2018-12-07)


In my opinion the approvement of our driving licenses in Sweden is very good thing we can have. There are many truck drivers, workers and many other staff there.

(Sveti Nikole, 2018-12-07)



(Skopje, 2018-12-07)


I will move to Sweden and I will need it

(Sveti Nikole, 2018-12-07)


I am signing because the macedonian driving licence is like other EU driving licence,there is no diference at all.

(Gütersloh, 2018-12-07)